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Michigan Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

Should Parental Rights be the Final Judgment for Their Child’s Medical Needs? 
Jordan Tiffany
University of Michigan-Flint

Conversation Analysis and The Bridge Between Minds
Rhea Morrison
DePaul University

Our Conception of God and How It Pertains To Linguistic Materialism
Daniel Löwenthal
Florida International University

Reason, Society, and the Social Intuitionist Model
Joelle Hershberger
Bethel University

Are Virtue Ethics and Situationism Really Incompatible? 
Samuel Kratzer
Bethel University

Revisiting the Problem of Other Minds
Maxim Perel
The Ohio State University

Chess and Regress
Andy Slabchuck
University of Michigan-Flint

Defending Downward Causation Only to Bring it Back Down
Michael Pratt
Grand Valley State University

Rethinking the Goal of Imprisonment
Tracy Graves
Ball State University

Ethics of Emotional Dampening Using Propranolol as a Treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in the Field of Emergency Medicine
Rachel Fischell
Duke University

The Ethical Implications of Neurotheology Research
Trevor Thomas
Duke University


Reason, Reasons and Reasoning


Building a Circle of Care for Youth Concussion in School Settings