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Ethics and Political, Social and Legal Annual Conference

The Costs and Benefits of Prosecution: A Contractualist Justification of Amnesty 
Robert Whelan 
SUNY Binghamton 

In Defense of Universal Standing to Blame 
Eric Brown 
Tulane University 

Punishment and Imputation of Consequences in the Doctrine of Right: Inchoate Crimes and Strict Liability Crimes 
Rebecca Arbolino 
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 

Command Responsibility: Justice or Collective Punishment? 
David Atenasio 
Loyola University Chicago 

Pragmatism and Tradition: MacIntyre and Bernstein on Hegel’s Moral Philosophy 
Owen Alldritt 
Emory University 

The Impact of F. A. Lange’s History of Materialism on Socialist Interpretations of Kant’s Categorical Imperative 
Elisabeth Widmer 
University of Vienna 

Balancing Preferences: On the (Im)Possibility of Developing a Concept of Universal Sympathy 
Adam Cebula 
Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw 

A Comprehensive Account of Promising 
Steven Norris 
University of California, Irvine 

Harm Reduction for Corporations 
Vanessa Lam 
University of Waterloo 

In Defense of Content-Neutrality 
Joseph Dunne 
The University of Michigan-Dearborn 

Evaluating Biomedical Enhancement: A Non-ideal Approach 
Andrey Darovskikh 
SUNY Binghamton

Earlier Event: September 20
Mind and Brain Annual Conference

Mind and Brain Annual Conference


Michigan Undergraduate Philosophy Conference