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Neurotherapeutics and Psychosurgery

How to Avoid Hyping up "Cognitive Enhancement"
Alexandre Erler
University of Montreal

Reply by Kate Mehuron, Eastern Michigan University

What is Enhancement? Some Context and Concerns
Catherine Gee
University of Waterloo

Reply by Don Jones, University of Central Florida

Moral Obligation and Possessing Reasons in Genetic Enhancement
Sruthi Rothenfluch
University of Portland

Does the Human Right to Health Entail a Right to Biomedical Enhancement?
Martin Gunderson
Macalester College

Enactive Perception and the Ethics of Human Enhancement
Don Jones
University of Central Florida

Luck Egalitarianism and Enhancements
Rhonda Martens
University of Manitoba

Reply by Simon Cushing, University of Michigan-Flint

The Complexity of Suicide: Review of Recent Neuroscientific Evidence
Erica Ching
University of Toronto

Reversibility and Deep Brain Stimulation
Jennifer Mundale
University of Central Florida

Our Many Minds
James Blackmon
San Francisco State University


The Work of Cognition and Neuroethics in Science Fiction


Mirror Neurons, Empathy and Autism