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Reason, Reasons and Reasoning

The Self-Awareness of Reason in Plato
Daniel Bloom
University of Georgia 

Reason and Representation: Notes on Contemporary Philosophy of Mind
Joshua Stein
New York University 

Reason and Understanding in Clinical and Educational Settings: The Effects of Professional Cultures and Information Constraints
Barry Saferstein
California State University San Marcos 

A Reason to Believe
Valerie Copping
The International Trauma Treatment Academy 

Is Reason Contradictory When Applied to Metaphysical Questions? 
Graham Schuster
University of Georgia 

The Enigma Of Probability
Nick Ergodos 

The Problem With Gettier
Dennis Rohatyn
University of San Diego 

Brain Rays, Lying and Fancy Suits: The Ethics of Mind-Control
Brent Kious
University of Utah 

Reasoning and the Military Decision Making Process
Ibanga B. Ikpe
University of Botswana

A Simple, Intuitive Argument for Obeying the Categorical Imperative
Marcus Arvan
University of Tampa 

On Moral Judgment: Horgan and Timmons' Modified Moral Rationalism vs. Haidt's Social Intuitionism
Asia Ferrin
University of Washington 

Acting Rationally and Rationally Acting
Arnon Cahen
Haifa University 

The Role of Emotional Intuitions in Moral Judgments and Decisions
Catherine Gee
University of Waterloo 

Philosophy and Neurobiology: towards a Hegelian contribution on the question of the juridical status of the Human embryo
Fernando Huesca Ramón

Moral Heuristics and Biases
Mark Herman
Bowling Green State University 

Inexplicit Reasoning Processes and Positive Epistemic Status
Andrew Koehl
Roberts Wesleyan College 

Asking For Reasons as a Weapon: Epistemic Justification and the Loss of Knowledge
Ian Werkheiser
Michigan State University

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Michigan Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

Wittgenstein's Language-Game and the Future of Philosophical Discourse
James O'Dea
University of Michigan-Flint

Dying With Dignity
Tyler Rauh
University of Michigan-Flint

Philosophy of the Mind; Epiphenomenalism and Psychosomatic Illnesses
Elizabeth Arnold
University of Michigan-Flint

The Desirability of Free Will: The Value of the Concept Regardless of Its Existence
Shouta Brown
Western Kentucky University

Explaining Qualia
Kiefer Owens
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Nagel, Panpsychism, and the Ontological Emergence of Consciousness
Henry Cornillie
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Background Information: A Defense of Folk Psychology and Common Sense
Phillip Kautz
University of Michigan-Flint

Chomsky's Argument for an Innate Language Faculty
Ben Rossi
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

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