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Against a priori Arguments for Dualism
Eric Hiddleston
Wayne State University 

How to Know That You Are Not a Zombie
Brentyn Ramm
The Australian National University

Less than Conscious: The Dehumanizing Impact of Interdependent Definitions of Self and Consciousness
Michelle Marvin
University of Notre Dame 

Dualistic Idealism: No Supervenience of Consciousness on the Physical, but No Influence of Consciousness on the Physical Either
Christian D. Schade
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin 

Garden-path Processing and Consciousness
David Pereplyotchik
Kent State University 

Consciousness, Neuroimaging and Personhood: Current and Future Neuroethical Challenges
James Beauregard and Macksood Aftab
River University and Michigan State University College of Human Medicine 

Consciousness Noise
Bradley Seebach and Eric Kraemer
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse 

Parts of Consciousness
Cameron Bosinski
University at Buffalo 

The Re-enchantment of Consciousness: A Qualitative Inquiry into Scientific or Mechanistic Aspect of Consciousness
Rajakishore Nath
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Physicalism and the Privacy of Conscious Experiences
Miklos Marton and Janos Tozser
ELTE University Budapest, University of Kaposvar 

The Insignificance of Empty Higher-Order States
Daniel Shargel
Lawrence Technological University 

The Epoche and the The Intentional Stance
David Haack
The New School for Social Research 

The Interiority of Experience: A Reflection on Searle’s Theorization of Intentionality
Ranjan Kumar Panda
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Consciousness and Cognitive Individuation
Philip Woodward
Valparaiso University 

Future of Conscious Therapeutics in Alzheimer’s Disease
Farhan Ahmad
The University of Texas at San Antonio 

Julian Jaynes’ Search for Consciousness in his Unpublished History of Comparative Psychology
Scott Greer
University of Prince Edward Island 

Consciousness, Situationism and Responsibility: Can We Be Morally Responsible If We Are Unconscious of Situational Factors that Cause Our Actions? 
Marcela Herdova
Florida State University 

From Pre-reflective Consciousness to Explicit Thematic Awareness: Feminist Standpoint Epistemologies, Existential-Phenomenology, and Becoming Aware of Systems of Oppression
Zachary Purdue
University of South Florida


Mirror Neurons, Empathy and Autism


Michigan Undergraduate Philosophy Conference