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Michigan Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

Fantasy, Reality, and the Self
Albwin Wagner-Schmitzer
University of Cincinnati

Logical Fatalism: Origins as Essential Properties of Events
Ryan Powers
Ohio University

Predictive Encoding of Acupuncture
Juensung Kim
University of Toronto

Responsibility: Revis(ion)ing Brains via Cognitive Enhancement
Shweta Sahu
Emory University

The Revised Enactive Account: Interpersonal Understanding and Perceptual Achievement
Keagan Potts
Loyola University Chicago

Prediction and Mental Paint
Jesse Berlin
University of Toronto

Manufactured Goodness
Sean Huff
Georgia State University

Unconscious Actions and Moral Responsibility
Laura Teal
Hope College

Cultural Conceptions of Agency and Authenticity in Deep Brain Stimulation as a Function of the Having-being Dichotomy in Religious Narratives
Cristina Leone
University of Toronto

Neuroplasticity, Nagel and N,N-DMT
Christopher Schultz
University of Akron

Conceptualizing Pain and Suffering through Theories of Emotion
Lokita Rajan
Emory University

Patients' Responsibilities in Medical Ethics
Zhu Fengquing
Harbin Institute of Technology

Earlier Event: October 16
Later Event: May 20
Ethics and the Brain



Ethics and the Brain