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Michigan Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

"The Mind of Personal Identity: A Criticism of the Psychological Criterion"
Kathleen Berta
University of Michigan-Flint

"Neuroscience and Property Dualism"
Samantha Hortop
University of Michigan-Flint

"Self of Schizophrenia"
Cheyanne Pincsak
Illinois State University

"Against Transparent Concepts: Undermining Goff's Examples"
Barbara Cohn
University of Florida

"Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis: Limiting Personal and Societal Knowledge Through Genetic Discrimination"
Mason Majszak
Loyola University Chicago

"Defining Illness"
Patrick Ewell
University of Michigan-Flint

"Human Standards of Commodious Living"
Hamzaullah Khan
University of Michigan-Flint

"Prima Facie Consequentialism: Reconciling Deontology and Consequentialism into a Normative Ethical Theory"
Logan Cross
Michigan State University

Later Event: July 28
Phables: The Reveal

Ethics and Political, Social and Legal Annual Conference


Phables: The Reveal