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Ethics and Political, Social and Legal Annual Conference

Products of Our Time: Bias, Ideology, Morality
James Edwards
University of Chicago

Implicit Racial Bias and the Intrinsicality Claim
Robert Kelly
University of Buffalo

Pants on Fire: Legal and Ethical Implications of Neuroscience-Based Lie Detection
Greg Yanke
Arizona State University

Us & Them—Reconstructing Aristotle's Third Judgment of Compassion with Neuroethics
Franlu Vulliermet
Linköping University

The Special Problem of Climate Refugees
Justin Donhauser
Rotman Institute of Philosophy

Unauthorized Immigrants, Reasonable Expectations, and the Right to Regularization
Thomas Carnes
US Military Academy at West Point

Authenticity in the Digital Age of Social Media
John Gray & Paul Zube
Ferris State University

The Effects of Complicity in Hateful Assertions
Bianca Waked
McMaster University

Practical Authority, Clear Mistakes, and Role Obligations
Joshua Crabill
University of Indianapolis

The Responsiveness of Moral Obligation to the Compliance of Others
Walter Stepanenko
University of Cinncinnati

A Flourishing-Based Theory of Reasons
William Hannegan
St. Louis University

Infinite Value Ascriptions
Anthony Williams
Oakland University

Knowing Justice: On Illegalization, Epistemic Injustice, and the Legal Person as Interlocutor
Joel Sati
UC Berkeley

Religious Conscientious Exemptions and Insulation From Evidence
Joseph Dunne
Wayne State University

Injustice Against Women: A Philosophical Critique of The Widowhood Practices Among the Igbos of Nigeria
Grace Umezurike
Ebonyi State University

Gendered Labour Divisions and the Right to Water
Kerry O’Neill
Carleton University

Republicanism and Just Counterinsurgency
Mark Rigstad
Oakland University

On the Alienability of the Right to be Free From Torture
Peter Rose-Barry
Saginaw valley State University

What Does "Immediately "Necessary" Mean"  Reading the Model Penal Code as a Two-Pronged Limitation on Self-Defense
Bret Donnelly
Western Michigan University

Constitutional Crisis: Qualified Immunity, Government Misconduct, and the (New) Limits of Civil Liability
Jenji Learn
Western Michigan University

Preservation, Conservation, and the Malheur Rebellion
Derek Halm
Western Michigan University

The Ethics of Nonviolent Power
Mark Balawender
Delta College

Diagnosing Akrasia: Harmonizing Aristotle’s Diverging Accounts
Adam Waggoner
Western Michigan University

Having One Without the Other: An Account of Loosely Bound Virtue
Jared Mayer
Johns Hopkins University

Relationally-Informed Beliefs about Moral Responsibility (or Why Ruth Madoff Should Believe She Is Blameworthy for Her Husband’s Ponzi Scheme)
Amy J. Sepinwall
University of Pennsylvania

Virtue Ethics and the Situationist Challenge
Steven Guillemette
U of St. Thomas, Minnesota

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Mind and Brain Annual Conference

Mind and Brain Annual Conference


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