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Mind and Brain Annual Conference

"Intuitive Moral Judgments About Mood"
Jack Buchanan
University of Michigan Medical School

"Interoceptive Inference and Emotion in Music"
Shannon Proksch
The University of Edinburgh

"Mental Content"
John Park
Oakland University

"Grammar is not a Computer of the Human Mind/Brain"
Prakash Mondal
Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad

"Scaffolded Spontaneity of Skill"
Derek Jones
University of Evansville

"Exploring Skill"
Matthew Maler
San Francisco State University

"Machines and Minds"
Creighton Rosental
Mercer University

"Implicit Learning of a Spatial Layout"
Hong-jin Sun
McMaster University

"Targetless Higher Order States"
Sinem Elkatip Hatipoglu
Istanbul Sehir University

"Judgment Sense "of or for" an Act of Knowing"
Kiran Pala
The University of Basque Country, Donostia, Spain    

"Anesthesia and Consciousness"
Rocco Gennaro
University of Southern Indiana

"On Nanotechnology"
Tyler Jaynes
Utah Valley University

"Disposition Concepts are Causal Concepts"
Brittney Currie
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

"How to Defend Embodied Cognition"
Luis Favela
University of Central Florida

"Morally Justified Beliefs"
Amy Sepinwall
University of Pennsylvania

"Ecological, Abductive, Heuristic: Human Reasoning"
Luca Dondoni
IUSS – School of Advanced Studies

"Decision Theoretic Consequentialism"
Sahar Heydari Fard
University of Cincinnati

"Active Desire"
Uku Tooming
University of Tartu

"ADHD Across Cultures"
Nina Atanasova
The University of Toledo

"Impact of Retrieval-Based Learning"
M. Courtney Hughes
Relias Institute

"What Is Integration in Consciousness?"
Katsunori Miyahara
Harvard University and University of Tokyo

"Understanding the Consciousness of Different Minds"
Eric Kraemer and Bradley Seebach
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

"Extending Mind Through Sport"
Jeffrey Fry
Ball State University

"Global Workspace Theory"
Katie Rivers
Georgia State University

"Prediction Error Minimization and the Dark Room"
Andrew Evans
University of Cincinnati

"Phantom Sensations: What’s a Brain to Do?"
Daniel DeFranco
Tulane University


Michigan Undergraduate Philosophy Conference


Ethics and Political, Social and Legal Annual Conference