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Free Will

Neuroscience, Free Will and the Field of the Personal
James Beauregard    
Rivier University 

Conceptual Integrity And Neuroscientific Reduction: Consciousness, Personal Identity, and Free Will
Christian Carrozzo    
Center for Ethics  
MedStar Washington Hospital Center 

Neuroscience Doesn’t Reveal That There Are No Free Choices (But It Might Tell Us What Free Choice Is) 
Oisín Deery     
The University of Arizona   

Freedom and Imagination
David Bishop    
Independent Scholar 

The Limits of a Pragmatic Justification for Praise and Blame
Ryan Lake    
Clemson University 

Experimental Philosophy and the Experience of Agency
Erich Riesen    
Northern Illinois University 

Free Will and Physical Law
Robert Oszust    
Rowan University 

From the Free Will Theorems to the Choice Ontology of Quantum Mechanics
Vasil Penchev    
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences:  
Institute for the Study of Societies and Knowledge 

Collecting Evidence for the Permanent Coexistence of Parallel Realities: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Christian D. Schade     
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin   

You Don't Seem Like Your Self Lately: Responding to Clinical Depressions's Challenge to Hierarchical Identification Theories of Autonomous Agency
Amanda Gorman    
University of Southern California 

Our Duties to the Un-Free
Samuel Kahn    
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis 

Finding the Political Balance to Facilitate Free Will
Paul Vasholz    
Independent Scholar 

Rolling Back the Luck Problem for Libertarianism
Zac Cogley    
Northern Michigan University 

Hardheartedness and Libertarianism
John Lemos    
Coe College 

Agent-Causation Libertarianism and Control
Paul Shephard    
Northern Illinois University 

Experimental Philosophy, Robert Kane, and the Concept of Free Will
Neil Otte    

Evolution Beyond Determinism? On Dennett's Compatibilism and the Too Timeless Free Will Debate
Maria Brincker    
University of Massachusetts Boston 

The Curse of the Enlightenment: How Dominant But Empirically Incorrect Model of Human Mind Influence Institutions
Maciej Gurtowski    
Nicolaus Copernicus University 

Free Will and Determinism: The African Perspective and Experience
Augustine Igbokwe    
Caritas University 

Free Will or Determination: How To Care for Your Heart Failure Patient
Jaclyn Conelius    
Fairfield University 

Free Will and Autonomous Medical Decision-Making
Matthew Butkus    
McNeese State University 

Free Will and Legal Responsibility
Alina Ng-Boyte    
Mississippi College School of Law 

Moral Sentiments Drive Folk Beliefs That the Mind and Body Are Distinct
Jared Friedman  (co-authored with Tony Jack, Jamie Luguri, Joshua Knobe)  
Case Western Reserve University   

Moral Sentiments Drive Folk Beliefs That the Mind and Body Are Distinct
Anthony Jack  (co-authored with Jared Friedman, Jamie Luguri, Joshua Knobe)  
Case Western Reserve University   

Identity and Freedom
Adam Taylor  (co-author David Hershenov)  
North Dakota State University   

Reconciling the Degree-Based Binary Freedoms of Reid and Kant
Jennifer Asselin    
Ohio State University 

What is Free Will and How Do Humans Acquire It? 
Ulrich Steinvorth    
University of Hamburg 

William Shakespeare and Free Will: A Libertarian and Naturalistic Enquiry into the Actions of Macbeth and Othello
Maryisabella Ezeh    
University of Nigeria 

Autonomous Art: Freedom as Contradiction
Gerald Phillips    
Towson University

Exploring the Status of Free Will in Anorexia Nervosa
Catherine Gee    
University of Waterloo 

Addiction and Self-Control: Are Addicts Free? 
Marcela Herdova    
Florida State University 

How Pre-Theoretically Applicable Considerations Bear on the Necessary Internality of Caring
Aaron Veek     
University of Southern California   

Free Will and Consciousness: Sir Aurobindo's Philosophy of the Future
Madhumita Dutta    
Vidyasagar College for Women 

Man: Object, Subject or Individual? 
Shai Frogel    
Kibbutzim College of Education  
& Tel Aviv University 

Free Action: Neither Uncaused Nor Agent Caused
Justin Capes    
East Tennessee State University 

Agent-Causation, Psychology and Deception
Jacob Quick    
Northern Illinois University 

Vihvelin's 'Commonsense Compatibilism' and the Ability to Do Otherwise
George Stamets    
Florida State 

Agency Through Autonomy: Self-Producing Systems and the Prospect of Bio-Compatibilism
Derek Jones    
University of Evansville 

The Capacity for Choice as Cluster of Capabilities: Understanding Freedom as a Multifaceted, Developing Continuum
Bill Pamerleau    
University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg 

How Not to Think About Free Will
Kadri Vihvelin    
University of Southern California 

Free Will Eliminitivism: Reference, Error, and Phenomenology
Gregg Caruso    
Corning Community College, SUNY 

Agential Settling Requires Intentionality
Yishai Cohen    
Syracuse University 

If Free Will is Compatible with Determinism, then Free Will is Compatible with Indeterminism
Timothy Houk    
University of California, Davis 

Responsibility and Foundationalism
Stephen Kershnar    

Moral Responsibility for Self-Control: Failure and the Limitations of Will Power
Sam Sims    
Florida State University 

The Effective Power of the Illusion of Conscious Will
Bradford Stockdale    
Florida State University 

The Embarrassment of Punching Puppets: An Argument from Conversation for Freedom
Micah Tillman     
McDaniel College & 
University of Maryland, College Park 

Moral Responsibility and the Robust First-person Perspective
David Wong    
San Francisco State University 

The Unknowability of Determinism, and What Follows from It
Wolfhart Totschnig    
Universidad Diego Portales 

Hegel's Concept of the Free Will: Towards a Redefinition of an Old Question
Fernando Huesca Ramón    
UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) 

Free Will: Groundless Self-Determination of Moral Choice
John Walsh    
University of South Florida 

Justice Without Freedom
Sacha Greer    
University of South Florida 

Neuroscience, Free Will and Vetoing: How not to Conceive of the Self in Self-Generated Action
Lieke Asma    
VU University Amsterdam 

Between Humanity and Intelligence: Abolitionism and Personal Relationships
Per-Erik Milam    
Oakland University 

Free Will and Conscious Awareness
Janet Levin    
University of Southern California 

Free Will, Islamic Theology and Contemporary Challenges
Macksood Aftab    
Harvard Extension / IINN 

Lessons From Angelology
Edina Eszenyi    
University of Kent School of History  
Rome Art Program 

Generalization Arguments Without Manipulators
Gunnar Björnsson  
Umeå University, University of Gothenburg 

Why Pereboom's Four-Case Manipulation Argument is Manipulative
Jay Spitzley  
Georgia State University 

Sensitive Intuitions: Print Fonts, Ability to Choose Otherwise, and Free Will
Chad Gonnerman  
University of Southern Indiana
(co-authored with Shane Reuter and Jonathan Weinberg)  

Sensitive Intuitions: Print Fonts, Ability to Choose Otherwise, and Free Will
Shane Reuter  
Washington University in St. Louis
(co-authored with Chad Gonnerman and Jonathan Weinberg)

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Building a Circle of Care for Youth Concussion in School Settings

Provide athletic trainers, coaches, athletic directors and other school personnel with the best practices for concussion assessment and management. The workshop will emphasize practical aspects of concussion assessment and management in school settings.

The awareness of concussion as a major public health concern for youth athletes has substantially increased in the last five years. Despite the staggering numbers of concussion in adolescents, the resources devoted to implement best practices in concussion management have been focused on collegiate and professional athletes. Coaches, athletic trainers and athletic directors often faced with challenging situations with concussion diagnoses, return to play and school accommodations after concussion. Moreover, school personnel are often under tremendous pressure from students, parents and other parties to allow the youth athlete to return to play. The recent youth concussion law passed in the State of Michigan has also introduced legal consequences to the concussion management in schools.

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Michigan Undergraduate Philosophy Conference

Should Parental Rights be the Final Judgment for Their Child’s Medical Needs? 
Jordan Tiffany
University of Michigan-Flint

Conversation Analysis and The Bridge Between Minds
Rhea Morrison
DePaul University

Our Conception of God and How It Pertains To Linguistic Materialism
Daniel Löwenthal
Florida International University

Reason, Society, and the Social Intuitionist Model
Joelle Hershberger
Bethel University

Are Virtue Ethics and Situationism Really Incompatible? 
Samuel Kratzer
Bethel University

Revisiting the Problem of Other Minds
Maxim Perel
The Ohio State University

Chess and Regress
Andy Slabchuck
University of Michigan-Flint

Defending Downward Causation Only to Bring it Back Down
Michael Pratt
Grand Valley State University

Rethinking the Goal of Imprisonment
Tracy Graves
Ball State University

Ethics of Emotional Dampening Using Propranolol as a Treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in the Field of Emergency Medicine
Rachel Fischell
Duke University

The Ethical Implications of Neurotheology Research
Trevor Thomas
Duke University

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